Xchat 2.8.0 up for testing - comments welcome

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Xchat 2.8.0 up for testing - comments welcome

Post by Borromini » Thu Jan 04, 2007 1:43 am

New Xchat - with integrated system tray icon - is up:


- Updated translations (cs, de, gl, hu).
- XChat now requires at least GTK+ 2.10.
- Added a system tray icon (aka Notification Area). This is probably the
biggest feature addition in this series. Also added a /TRAY command so
scripts can manipulate the icon.
- Added partial support for numeric 005 token ELIST (min users only).
- Brand new channel list window: GtkTreeView, nicer layout, less CPU power
when downloading very large list, uses less memory, supports regexp/
patternmatch/substring search and supports downloading LIST with minusers to
save time (only on some networks that support ELIST).
- Overhauled URL opening on Unix, it now tries xdg-open first, then auto-
detects Gnome or KDE to run gnome-open or kfmclient. URLs with quotes
should also work now (changed to execv()).
- Settings: Warn the user when trying to put the tree on the top/bottom.
- Fixed DCC ack reading so it doesn't use MSG_PEEK.
- Channel modes are no longer shown in the titlebar if they contain a key.
- Added /GUI APPLY command, which does that same as pressing OK in the
settings window (e.g use it after /set). Mainly for scripters.
- Allow changing the logging folder if the log filename is set to a full path
in the settings window (starts with a '/').
- Added 'Your Action' text event.
- Separated out /away and /back commands so it's obvious what they'll do.
- Changes to /MENU command (See plugin20.html for details):
* Now works for popup menus too.
* Allows creation of radio menu items.
* -p arg can now to be negative to give a position offset from right/bottom.
* -i arg to specify an icon file.
- Plugin API:
* Added event_text to xchat_get_info().
- Perl (Lian Wan Situ)
* Fixed hook_command so that it won't override the help message for builtin
commands unless a help message was specified.
* Perl Win32: Warn the user about trying to load 64-bit ActivePerl.
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Re: Xchat 2.8.0 up for testing - comments welcome

Post by omns » Mon Jan 08, 2007 3:18 am

No problems with this package so far. The systray icon is too large but I'll get used to it :)
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Re: Xchat 2.8.0 up for testing - comments welcome

Post by zarathustra » Thu Mar 01, 2007 10:19 am

it's running well in my pc, little problem that i can found it's hang my xchat whenever i receive dcc file from mirc (never try with other irc software yet). i don't have clue what going on here. but overall it's great package :)

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