You can order bulk Zenwalk & Zenwalk Live ISOs

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You can order bulk Zenwalk & Zenwalk Live ISOs

Post by axxium » Sat Jun 02, 2007 9:19 pm


For those of you that have been wishing to send out nice professional Zenwalk & Zenwalk Live ISOs to friends and family here is your chance. Our CD manufactures are offering CDs in sets of 10 for a 25% savings.

You get 10 CDs for $74.93 not $99.99. It's an option for those who are intersted in handing them out in LUG meetings, School, work or Family.

Visit the link here Zenwalk & Zenwalk Live CDs for more information.

Oh, I almost can have your own personalized logo (or name, etc...) printed on them as well for just $1.00 extra per set. Sweet!


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