Zenwalk 8.0 Core is back !

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Zenwalk 8.0 Core is back !

Post by hyperion » Wed Aug 24, 2016 7:02 pm

Following the release of Zenwalk 8.0 : Zenwalk Core 8.0 is now ready to play.

Zenwalk Core is a minimal system, built with customization in mind to allow a skilled user to build a secure server in minutes.

Powered by the Linux kernel 4.4.19, Zenwalk Core 8.0 provides the latest Slackware base system with no X Window System binaries, no X applications.

Out of the box you get a full featured server system (Apache 2.4.23, Samba 4.4.5, Sendmail 8.15.2, Bind 9.10.4_P2, ...) driven by webmin Web interface and Zenwalk system tools. After a 10 minutes install of the 600MB ISO, you can then customize it by removing unneeded daemons, activate the firewall service, and configure your server.

Have fun

ISO can be downloaded at :
http://download.zenwalk.org/x86_64/8.0/ ... re-8.0.iso

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