Zenwalk 7.9 x86_64 is ready for testing

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Re: Zenwalk 7.9 x86_64 is ready for testing

Post by axxium » Sat Apr 12, 2014 2:18 pm

edik wrote:The early versions of Slackware64 packages were announced here:


These have not been touched since Oct 2013, while the location announced here (http://download.zenwalk.org/x86_64/current/zenwalk/) is being actively updated.

However, a number of packages available at the older location (e.g. pam) cannot be found at the newer one. Are both locations still valid? Can packages from the two be mixed and matched, or should only the official release location be used, and one should wait while the packages migrate?

Could somebody, please clarify the status of the 64-bit distribution?


You should ignore my old packages. http://download.zenwalk.org/people/michael/ I am sure it is full of outdated things by now.

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Re: Zenwalk 7.9 x86_64 is ready for testing

Post by darkjorg » Sat Apr 19, 2014 12:59 am

Hi Zenwalkers,

I not feel like testing Zenwalk 7.9 x86_64 because is very good. I have everything I love, I have enabled my system multilib for the wine tnx to Blackbird for recommended Alienbob. Also I installed with success the official driver for my Video (pain 4ss ATI Radeon HD 4200) ...

Are very few observations that I can make, wpa_gui want kdesu for execute this and need qt installed in the system so I installed it because I needed it for another application.

distcc monitor, not have him icon in the menu and xine need have installed xine-lib, so to enjoy Linux ;D

Thx hyperion for this Announcement. and this nice work

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Re: Zenwalk 7.9 x86_64 is ready for testing

Post by hyperion » Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:18 am

is the ultimate goal to have Slackware64 repositories

yes, no need to duplicate all the Slackware packages just for waste of mirror space :)

I will upload an improved and updated 7.9.1 ISO soon


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